Success has truly been shone down on BTS this year, especially with all the love and support extended forth by their fans all across the world. They’ve a proven example that music, no matter what the language is, has the power to connect people of all different countries for a common cause.

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ARMY’s in the UK have been contributing to the mass popularity over in the Western side of the world, grouping together to form projects that had pushed BTS up the Official Album Chart in September, getting them to #14 – which is the highest charting album for a Korean group and even getting DNA to #90!

Now, they’ve helped the internet sensation group to their best ever record on the UK song chart at #46! The Steve Aoki Remix of Mic Drop didn’t budge on the UK iTunes Charts even after a few days had passed. It reached up to #5, which is the highest peak for a Korean group. BTS have really grown in leaps and bounds, with their international popularity soaring higher than perhaps any of the members could ever anticipate. Congratulations to BTS and also to UK ARMY’s for their continued hard work and dedication!


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