Have you ever been sitting there, watching your favourite K-Pop group strutting their stuff on your screen and pondered: “Maybe I could move to South Korea?!”

Perhaps, you have made that move and K-Pop was the catalyst that started it all?! Well. if you watched the recent BBC documentary on K-Pop, you will know you are not alone.

BTS ARMY Stephanie moved from Scotland to South Korea after she encountered BTS and became a huge fan.

Stephanie says that the group inspired her to begin learning the Korean language and fostered a wider interest for her in Korean culture.

She now works as an English teacher in an Elementary school and told the BBC that it’s all thanks to her love of BTS.

The BBC even gave Stephanie the chance to record a video message for the guys, and got one in return!

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You can check out the video below:

Of course, for K-Pop fans, this is a familiar story. Many of you reading this may have also been motivated to learn of Korean culture, fashion, language and life as a result of your love of K-Pop music. You may have even visited or moved to South Korea yourself, or have plans to do so in the future.

[Source: BBC Radio 1 Twitter].


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