In November last year, the exciting news emerged that one of the most renowned broadcasting stations in the UK, the BBC was in the process of filming a documentary about K-Pop!

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Adele Roberts, a BBC Radio 1 presenter who we’ve featured on several occasions about featuring BTS during her early morning segments, had travelled over to Seoul last year with her colleagues for this documentary and they even got the opportunity to meet BTS in person! In an exclusive video with YouTubers Niki and Sammy, she reveals that there will not be just one, but two upcoming documentaries from the BBC!

The first that will be officially released on BBC iPlayer on January 19 will be all about K-Pop and the second bonus show will be focused on one of the hottest groups in K-Pop which is none other than BTS! You can watch the full video below, which talked about UK ARMY’s sending Adele flowers, how she had been introduced to the genre of K-Pop, her reaction to GOT7 and more!

Once more information has been revealed for the BTS documentary which will be released on the BBC Radio 1 YouTube channel, we’ll update you – so make sure to stay tuned!


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