For this week’s Fan Talent, we are going to focus on a native Korean. He is best known for producing the Talk to me Korean online series.

He was born and raised in South Korea and his passion lies in learning and teaching languages, breakdancing and photography.  He is married to his wife in 2011 and has a son named Joon. His Talk To Me in Korean series is his dream job, as he is able to help the whole world to learn and speak Korean better through a series of online materials and books. Here’s the link of his famous series.

He publishes YouTube videos about his daily life on two of his channels:

Please subscribe and follow his channel where you be notified when his uploads new videos.

Fun Fact: He is also an Airbnb host. If you travelling to Korea and need a place to stay, Click on this link, in order to make a reservation in advance to say in his private room at his place.

If you want to know more about Hyunwoo Sun, you can check out his ‘Draw My Life’ video below along with a bonus video with him talking how the process of how he learnt English!


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