Yesterday on February 12, James (formerly of Royal Pirates) took a risk when he booted up his Kickstarter Project. If you’ve been following his life-changing accident back in 2015, you may be aware of the journey that he’s been climbing since then.

It’s clear that he’s had more than his fair share of challenges and no matter how many times he’s struggled, he’s still mustered up the energy to stand up time after time. And that’s why it’s inspiring to see how he’s now taking control back over his life, despite how easier it would have been to just give up. He set the initial goal ($27,600/ £19,929) which comprised of all the estimated prices that each stage of the project would cost on the page.

And within less than a day of the page being active, it had smashed the goal and is now currently at $52,712 (£38,063) which is just amazing to see the level of support that James has had. It really is another chance which will enable him to share his story in one of the ways that he knows how, through the art of music.

This really was an ‘All or Nothing’ lifeline that he threw out, unknowing whether he would meet the target, but the abundance of kindness and generosity that people have and continue to show is nothing short of being inspirational and wonderful to see. If you would still like to help support James’ upcoming project or if you’re unable to donate – even just to share the link we’re sure he’d fully appreciate all the help that people can lend, you can do so here!


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