The K-Pop community has really been flourishing on this streaming service, especially with leading groups in the Korean pop industry such as BTS who have over 6 million monthly listeners, EXO (over 1.7 million monthly listeners, BIGBANG (1.6 million monthly listeners) and BLACKPINK (1.7 million monthly listeners).

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Spotify have an array of introductory playlists ‘This is __’, which display the music from artists from across the world. You can find many K-Pop special playlists from Mamamoo, SHINee, WINNER, SEVENTEEN and now also 2NE1!

Following the news of the YG girl group’s disbandment in late 2016, there’s definitely a 2NE1 sized gap left by the girls in the industry. If you’re missing them, you can still listen to their music on Spotify and if you still need more, you can always check out 2NE1 TV on their official YouTube channel. We’ve picked out the episode from Season 2 where the girls visited London back in 2010!


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