Following Jang Hanbyul’s comeback, what would be better than to feature him for this week’s Weekly Idol! Jang Hanbyul released his latest comeback ‘One A.M’ on the 15th of February.

Jang Hanbyul who was best known as a former member of Led Apple/LedT, debuted in 2011 with their group’s mini album ‘Coda’. However, in 2014, Jang Hanbyul decided to depart from the group, to pursue his solo career.

As a former member of LED Apple/LedT, he was known for performing a number of covers as a group. The group were best known for their music note series on YouTube where they would complete different covers each week.

One of the group’s most notable releases was ‘Time is Up’, where the group sported jeans and image t-shirts. The release in 2012 is still recognised today, with its catchy melody showcasing the 6 members’ talents.

Interesting facts about Jang Hanbyul!

  • He is Korean-Australian
  • 6ft tall
  • His English name is Jason
  • From Brisbane, Australia
  • His specialities include voice impressions, as well as a number of sports e.g. basketball, football and snowboarding
  • He is able to speak 4 languages: English, French, Korean and Latin

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If you haven’t already, did you know UnitedKpop had an exclusive interview with Jang Hanbyul last summer? In our Summer UKP Magazine 2017, UnitedKpop interviewed Jang Hanbyul on his hotspots of Korea! Don’t forget to check it out, if you haven’t already below!

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