Soloist Grizzly will be flying out to perform in London in just under a week. And whether you’re an avid listener of his music or you’d like to get to know him a little bit better, we had the opportunity to ask him some questions and you can check out the interview below!

Can you tell us the reason behind why you chose the stage name Grizzly?
I just like bears that’s why I named myself ‘Grizzly’. There’s no special reason.

How did the process start for you to work with artists as a producer? (For example, did you request an artist to work with, or do the artists chose your songs after you started to release EPs?

I have worked with producing team called ‘Cracker’ since I was young. We are on the same wavelength and wrote few songs together. Then the songs were given to Idols and artists around us.

Who’s someone you would like to work with on a collaboration?

Recently, I went to Daniel Caesar’s concert in Korea. I just would like to say hello to him, even if it’s not a collaboration.

What or who would you consider to be your source of inspiration to make music?

I am inspired by talking with others. And I’m better at writing my music after watching films or reading books.

As an indie artist, what is the biggest difference in producing K-pop hits for others compared to creating your own music?

It doesn’t matter really, so it uses up much energy. Basically, my producing team’s goal is to make profound music, rather than cooled off rapidly.

Do you have a different approach to music when working for yourself as opposed to for other artists?

Since I know myself well it’s easy to get into myself, but I try to understand the person when I write songs for the person. For example, I talk with the artist a lot, eat together and search for data about the person.

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What do you think makes your music different from other artists?

I don’t know. I don’t intend to be different.

Furthermore to that question, is being different from others a goal or is your primary goal just expressing the music that flows through you? Or would you say it’s more of a combination?

When I started music, I have my music value, be honest. Just put everything I fee into my music without a word of a lie.

What have you found to be the most challenging point of your life in regards to your music career? And how did you overcome it?

The challenge is always when making new music, new album. I have lots of things I want to try, so every day is a challenge, and that is a most challenging. I think I am beating with the challenges well now.

We’ve read that you like football/futsal, so we wanted to ask if you had a favourite football team or players?

I am a fan of Manchester City. My friend and I made a bet on the champion team. I might earn from the betting.

Was there a particular reason why you decided to choose London to perform? And what are you most excited about to see during your stay in the UK?

To be honest, I have never imagined performing in London. You might think my dream is not big, but I am not a person who starts something with goal make no sense. However, it’s happening. I am so happy that I will show my music in London. After the show, I will stay in London a few days more for taking a rest. I can’t wait to walk along London’s beautiful streets.

Translation: Yujeong Kim

Grizzly’s London show is taking place on Friday March 23 and if you haven’t bought tickets for it, you can get them here! You can read more information about the event here.


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