British news outlet ‘The Guardian‘ have reported on K-Pop idol Seo Minwoo‘s death.

As you likely have already heard, the leader of 100% was found to have passed away in his home in Seoul on the 25th of March. The cause of his death was reportedly cardiac arrest.

The article states:

The band’s label, Top Media, paid tribute to the artist on its website: “His family, the 100% members, and the Top Media artists and staff members are all grief-stricken and in mourning from the unexpected, sad news.” Minwoo’s family have requested a private funeral.

His former bandmate Woo Changbum paid tribute to Minwoo in an Instagram post, captioning a photo of them together (translated from Korean): “May the souls of the deceased refrain. I hope you are comfortable in the sky. I want you to be a bright star and shine this world.

You can read the full piece here.

The news has shocked K-Pop fans all over the world as they come together to mourn the loss of another idol lost too soon.

[Source: The Guardian Website].


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