The 2009 historical drama chronicles the life of Queen Seondeok (Lee Yo-wond). Born Princess Deokman, she was the twin of Princess of Cheonmyeong (Park Yae-jin), a member of the royal Silla family. But, after a terrifying prophecy, she is abandoned as a child. This doesn’t stop our heroine, who return to Silla disguised as a boy, trains as a Nangdo and fights alongside her sister and commander Kim Yushin (Uhm Tae-woong) against Lady Mishit (Go Hyun-jung), a royal concubine who hoped to rule Silla herself.

Lady Mishit is one smart cookie; she finds out the identity of the princesses, but accidentally assisinates the wrong one – she kills Cheonmyeong! After another coup, Princess Deokman is able to overthrow her and becomes the first female ruler or Silla. But this isn’t where the story ends – it’s where the lovestory between her, Kim Yushin and a rogue, Bidam.

The acting in this show is second to none; expressions are clear and sharp. It gives the show a crisp feel, unlike many other historical shows. There is a sense of the history being “in the now”, and this contrast is what makes the show feel timeless. Despite being aired almost a decade ago, it is easily on-par with other, more current releases.

However, the show is incredibly long, and the last ten episodes worth of love triangle seem a little like a filer. But, that doesn’t make it boring to watch. In fact, it would have made for a great second season.

What did you think? Get into the spirit by listen to IU’s ‘Wind Flower’ which was written for the show below!


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