The first full week in March has passed; let’s take a look at some of the K-Pop releases of the past seven days!

MAMAMOO – ‘Starry Night’ MV
Released: 05/03/2018

Both the sound of this track and the music video give you a nice summery feeling. The sound includes a sort of Spanish-style guitar that is sure to have you yearning for warmer climes and sandy beaches. The pop sound combined with a dance beat makes me feel like this song would fit perfectly on the UK Top 40. If you are into the sort of tracks that have dominated UK radio stations over summer periods, you will likely enjoy this one too.

Heize – ‘Jenga’ (Feat. Gaeko)
Released: 05/03/2018

Another beautifully smooth and jazzy track from the world of Korean music! Heize has a lovely voice that is melodic and tuneful while still able to communicate a lot of raw emotion. You can really feel her sense of heartbreak in this track. Gaeko always serves up a strong performance, and his rap style fits in well here.

Wanna One – ‘I.P.U’ MV
Released: 05/03/2018

This is a really uplifting tune that will likely give you a real get up and go feeling. Wanna One have given us some heavy dance tracks in the past and this is no exception. I believe one of the things that sets the group apart though, is the fact that they do not hide behind the banging beat. Their vocals are strong and able to compete with the louder backing track really well. Some groups do not manage this and either end up being drowned out by the music or sounding like they are straining to stay on top of it. I.P.U (I Promise You) also makes you feeling like punching the air in triumph, which is never a bad thing, in my opinion!

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J-Hope – ‘Airplane’ MV
Released: 06/03/2018

The second music video released from his mixtape ‘Hope World’, ‘Airplane’ tells the story of J-Hope achieving his dreams and flying high. He reflects on his journey and expresses a gratitude for what he has. I think that there is a complexity and wisdom that lies behind J-Hope’s happy-go-lucky persona and goofy smiles, and it’s nice to be privy to some of the inner workings of his mind through these tracks. As always, his rap is impressive too.

Jung Ilhoon – ‘She’s gone’ MV
Released: 07/03/2018

BTOB member Jung Ilhoon is no stranger to working away from the group, both in music and on variety shows. ‘She’s gone’ manages to combine an R’n’B feel, a pop catchiness and a hip hop attitude all in one. He is very to the point in this song that chronicles a break up and taking a tough stance on it – moving on with a brave face and getting on with your life.

[STATION] SUHO X Jane Jang – ‘Dinner’ MV
Released: 10/03/2018

The latest release from SM Station feature EXO’s Suho and singer/songwriter Jane Jang. Having only recently released a track together called ‘Do You Have a Moment’, this latest release gives an entirely different feeling to listeners. It’s very cool and chic in both its aesthetic and its sound. A thumping, heartbeat-like sound plays and their soft voices complement each other perfectly. SM Station is great at giving us tracks and artist combinations that are unusual and that we probably wouldn’t have previously thought about – I think this one certainly does this.


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