March has been an eventful month as always when it comes to the Entertainment Industry. Already we have seen heartbreaking losses, long-awaited returns and eye-rolling chaos. As always, we will be looking back to four of the biggest stories in March, all compiled as a one-look update so you are in the know with all the latest updates within K-Pop.

01. Rest In Peace Minwoo

Fans witness yet another tragedy this month as it was confirmed that Seo Minwoo passed away on the 25th March. The leader of group 100% reportedly suffered cardiac arrest before being discovered in his home in Seoul. He was part of the TOP Media group until his enlistment and returned to the group during their “Better Day” promotions in 2016. The last time fans would see Minwoo in a broadcast would be the group’s appearance in Idol Reboot show “The Unit”, which has recently gained more attention since it was confirmed. The grief has spread all over the world with UK news outlet The Guardian recently reporting on the heartbreaking news. All of UnitedKpop’s thoughts and prayers are with the idols and staff of TOP Media as well as Minwoo’s family, who will saying one final farewell at a private funeral procession.

02. Grand Returns

March saw a big handful of comebacks cause a scene from WANNAONE, Mamamoo and Monsta X. However, it is the fresh arrivals and big returns that have caused the most hype. Starting with the girl groups; the last member of LOONA has finally been revealed as Olivia Hye and with the release of her solo track, “Egoist”, we can finally look forward to the girls uniting and making their official group debut. On the boy group side, UP10TION member Wooshin returns from his hiatus to join the group for their “Candyland” comeback. However, their promotion cycle has since been placed on hold due to the passing of their senior, Minwoo. The biggest comeback of this month has to be legendary duo, TVXQ. After returning from mandatory service and releasing their own solos through SMSTATION, both Yunho and Changmin are back again with their eight album and funky title track, “The Chance of Love”. With the trend of past artist making their way back, it is wonderful to see the duo already make an impression on a new generation of fans and show exactly why they are nicknamed as the “Kings”.

03. Is it numbers up for MixNine?

It looks like there is trouble in paradise for the winning trainees of “MixNine” as their future appears uncertain. After meeting with the CEOs, YG Entertainment revealed a three-year proposal for the group including a large time both as a unit in Korea and overseas. This was met with major criticism and insiders have already voiced their worries towards this strenuous plan; noting importantly that it would be physically and mentally exhausting with very little benefit for the participating labels involved with the chosen idols as they would be juggled between their original label and YG for promotions. Rumours have still continued to circulate and with a news of a possible second season, the criticism has now escalated to the fans themselves. At the time of creating this round-up, Yang Hyun Suk has yet to respond to the feedback.


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