How did you cope with the icy storms of last week? The UK was struck with an onslaught of blustery snowy weather, bringing cars to a stand still and closing schools across the country. Luckily it seems, the worst is over and the snow and ice is on its way out. So to get you back on drier soil and feeling much warmer, here’s ten songs to get you prepared for a more summery climate!

“Like last night’s dream
A midsummer night’s honey, so sweet”

“Come closer, show me the real you
Don’t hesitate, you might lose me.”

“I won’t lose you, I’ll take the trigger
And shoot toward your heart, blakah blakah.”

“But I have no regret,
Just burn bright.”

“Lemon soju, tequila for me, mojito for you
Let’s go to Jeju, California, even Rome.”

“I believe in you, the one miracle,
The only person whose hand I hold.”

“Throw your body all you want
Jump higher without holding back.”

“Let’s start fresh, you and me
The love I envy, please don’t let me down.”

“Turn up the radio, turn up the volume
We can go until the sun goes down.”

“This strange attraction, my trembling eyes
This electric ringing that touches my heart.”

Which songs do you think suit the pleasant atmosphere of summertime? Let us know!


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