It is October 31st and that only means one thing Halloween, as today we countdown our 10 top spooky picks for you to listen to this year.

When compiling this list there were a lot of songs that could have made this list, with a large list of songs to choose from this list features a wide range of songs as well as music videos and special Halloween performances. So get your costume ready and for the best experience get your nearest screen ready some of these songs need to be watched with the video.

1 – DAY6 – Zombie

Starting at number one we have Korean Rock Band DAY6 with their slow-burning rock classic Zombie. On the surface when listening to the song it might not feel like the spookiest. The soft-rock style of the song and perfect vocals are enough to make you forget it’s the season of scares and fall in love with the band.

But it’s the music video, with spooky clothing and perfect Make-up member Dowoon the video, is enough to make you feel jealous of your costume and find the nearest zombie costume.

If you are also a fan of Day6, we also recommend their live performance of ‘Sweet Chaos’ which was performed on Halloween, each member would dress up in Halloween costumes, such as Sungjin’s Bob the Builder, a common Day6 meme originated by former member Jae. These two songs make the band K-pop Halloween royalty and deserving of a spot on this list.

2 – F(X) – Dracula

For some groups choosing just one song is hard and F(x) is an example with multiple songs that can make this list. Their bad girl concept is a perfect example of a girl group for your Halloween Playlists.

The song is a catchy infectious song with great use of clips, compliments the girl’s voice and is the perfect song to get you in that Halloween mood. If you are looking for a less intense Halloween tune check out Sweet Witches from F(x).

3 – Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

An absolute K-pop classic, many people might not have Abracadabra as part of their Halloween playlist. But with the group’s dark music concept and electronic instrumental, the song is a perfect addition to any Halloween playlist.

4 – Twice – TT

Twice have always excelled at making Halloween music videos for the scary holiday. TT is probably the prime example of this with a music video starting with two children trick or treating the video goes on to feature members in Halloween-type costumes and dancing in sets such as a giant pumpkin. This song is a must but should be listened to with the music video for the perfect Halloween feeling.

5 – EXO – Monster

A great K-pop song, the electronic style of this song makes it stand out with the strong use of electronic instruments, drums and a constant siren sound giving the song an eerie feel. The music video featuring all black and great dancing adds a different layer to the song.

6 – VIXX – Voodoo Doll

A group known for their dark concepts, it was only natural that VIXX would make this list. This song is perfect for those who enjoy spending Halloween watching scary and gory movies. Please be aware the music video features strong scenes of violence and reminiscence of gore from blood and organs to acts of self-harm.

7 – Grace Trick Or Treat

Probably the easiest song to pick for this list, Grace would release this song 6 years to the date on Halloween 2016. The song is a dark song with strong use of electronic instruments and mixing the song is complemented by strong editing of the lyrical repetition of ‘Trick or Treat.’

8 – ATEEZ – The Black cat Nero

Originally performed by first generation boy-trio TURBO it is the ATEEZ cover version of the song that makes this a Halloween must. With an upscale on the beat of the song, it can be easy to think that this is a different song when placed with the strong style and vocals of ATEEZ they make this song their own.

The Halloween performance of the song is truly amazing, with everything from wearing Halloween costumes to dancing in a graveyard. A nice touch of the video is when TURBO member Kim Jong Kook appears at the end signifying the connection between both groups.

9 – Dreamcatcher – Scream

Probably the queens of Halloween the true struggle of this list was just choosing one song from this group’s dark concept discography. Our choice comes from dreamcatcher’s first full album with the title ‘Scream’.

the song is an eerie rock track that is the perfect personification of Dreamcatcher and their style. The song itself is clever with its use of screaming sound effects and the repetition of the word ‘scream’ during the chorus the song has a mystical feel towards it portraying each member as a witch-like character.

10 – Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo

And last but not least we have the song which I most associate with Halloween. Every aspect of this song screams Halloween from the beautiful yet creepy choreography to the perfect storytelling of the music video. Red velvet makes this song a Halloween classic the perfect acting to range and tone of voice shows the group’s ability to adapt a darker style concept whilst maintaining their cute girl image and style this song is perfect for any time of the day and an absolute must for all K-pop fans.


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