With less than a week away from the Final, the world is already gearing up for the return of Eurovision. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year’s contest was cancelled but with safety precautions in place, 2019’s winners; The Netherlands will finally get the chance to host. From metal monsters to Irish peasants, it can be a variety of fun and eccentric performances but some of the memorable entries have a distinct sound that stands the test of time.

Some reports have already proposed a Asia-Pacific division of the contest but there may a few KPop songs that would fit in perfectly for Europe’s biggest party. Fans may be spoiled for choice but we have compiled ten songs to start your Eurovision inspired playlist.

01. YooA – Bon Voyage

Take one look at this debut and you will understand why Bon Voyage was chosen for this list. Channelling Emmelie De Forest circa 2013, YooA’s solo single is a magical journey both musically and visually. Transferring the performance into the setting of Eurovision, there is a possibility that the Oh My Girl member would be a hot favourite to take the glass microphone trophy.

02. EXO – Power

Catchy EDM and cheese is a fool-proof formula for many countries and what better way to do it than to embrace pop culture. Although Power is not the most cheesy track, you can’t help but dance along to EXO’s comic book inspired performance; singing of positivity and being stronger together as one.

03. Orange Caramel – Catallena

The infamous “Ha!” that helped made this a viral hit could be up there with the Epic Sax Guy or Ukraine’s hamster wheel. The majority of Orange Caramel’s discography could easily be transferred to a girl group in the contest but no one can pull off the adorable, quirky style of Catallena like Nana, Raina & Lizzy.

04. Cross Gene – La Di Da Di

2011 & 2012 were stellar for KPop in terms of Euro-inspired songs. In fact, you could create an entire track list for the Grand Final from those two years alone. Picking one song from this generation is a difficult task but Cross Gene’s debut is a perfect place to start. From unique choreography, classic electro-pop melody and a chorus that immediately gets in your head, La Di Da Di is a fun performance that would certainly get the fan vote.

05. Taeyeon – I

Solo vocalists always perform well in Eurovision; one prime example being the winning song Rise Like A Phoenix back in 2014. The audience love the raw power and emotion, almost making it a reliable formula for success. Out of the long line of female singers to choose from in Korea, Taeyeon could be a sure bet if Eurovision Asia ever became a reality and if you need more proof; her solo debut single is just one of many that would steal the show.

06. Tony Ahn & Smash – Get Your Swag On

There seems to be a tradition in Eurovision where it welcomes singers of all generations and walks of life. From Bonnie Tyler, Cascada to even Andrew Lloyd Webber; experience always helps when stepping on Europe’s biggest stage. Being a member of H.O.T, Tony Ahn is already at home on the stage and even performed with a younger generation of idols when he collaborated with Smash in 2012. Get Your Swag On is pinnacle Eurovision boy band material which would be a sure-fire hit. Although, after Blue representing the United Kingdom in the past; that theory of success may need more extra work before claiming the trophy.

07. Celeb Five – I Want To Be A Celeb

Apart from watching the UK’s track record continue, audiences at home watch the contest for the funny entries; the plane crew with on-stage innuendo, the cookie-baking grandmothers, the Verka Serduchka. These performances can be even more successful than the winners themselves. Nothing fits this criteria and then some like Celeb Five. Just to clarify, this group may be an easy choice for a niche performance but these ladies knock it out the park with the disco inspired I Wanna Be A Celeb. If NCT U is covering your song, you are definitely not a just a comedy group.

08. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

For a song that has a reputation for being banned in high schools; SHINee still has an infectious pop flair that could easily win Eurovision. Think about it; some of the best winners had a hook that the audience remember regardless of their place in the performance order; e.g Loreen’s “going up” melody in Euphoria or Netta’s infectious chicken sounds in Toy. Not to mention the memorable dance and the powerful vocals from the late Jonghyun. It is clear that Ring Ding Dong stands the test of time and would be a perfect option for the show.


KARA were known for their diverse style and performances but nothing screamed fun and colour like their hit, STEP. With top vocals, bright stage costumes and an iconic ever-changing beat, the song is a master-class in pop perfection. In recent years, girl groups in Eurovision have opted for harmony and ballads such as OG3NE’s Lights And Shadows so it may be time for a group take the stage and embrace the style KARA rocked back in 2011.

10. BTS – IDOL

Bright performance set; check! Brighter stage costumes; check! Powerful choreography; check! An EDM-Trap single about loving yourself and being your own Idol; check! BTS ticks all the boxes with this single back in 2018. It was a hard decision between this song and Boy With Luv but for its high energy performance and message; IDOL is the perfect contender for Eurovision glory.

Honourable Mention: Bracelet & Zelo – Breakaway

This song may not be classed as a KPop song, but this fact was too good to mention when talking about Eurovision. Back in 2016, there was a possibility that an Idol would be taking part in the contest – despite just being a featured artist. Competing in the Melodi Grand Prix, the band Bracelet released their single, Breakaway in an attempt to represent Denmark and featured Zelo who rapped in Korean. Sadly, Bracelet didn’t make it to Eurovision but they did release a special music video which included an appearance from the B.A.P member.

Are you excited for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Who in our Top 10 deserves a douze points and is there a song you think we missed? Let us know your Eurovision inspired playlist in our social media.


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