April is here and we hope you had a lovely Easter, whatever you were up to (likely eating far too much egg-shaped chocolate!)

Let’s see some of what the world of K-Pop had to give us this week!

SOHEE – ‘That Can’t Happen (‘No Bad Days’ OST) MV
Released: 02/04/2018

ELRIS member Sohee goes solo in this track for the drama ‘No Bad Days’. In many ways, it is everything you would expect from a romantic drama soundtrack song. It is full of emotion; a real heartfelt belter. It’s interesting to hear Sohee’s voice in a solo capacity and she certainly does well on her own. Have a listen and you might just have your next K-Drama lined up!

TVXQ – ‘Love Line’ MV
Released 03/04/2018

Cassiopeia rejoice! TVXQ have released their second MV from their 8th album. While ‘The Chance of Love’ was very chic and cool, this track is a happy summer bop. This track has a kind of Charlie Puth vibe to it. You will undoubtedly like it if you are a fan of more cutely upbeat tracks. This one is an ideal addition to your summer playlist.

Released: 03/04/2018

YDPP stands for ‘Youth, Dream, Passion and Purity’ and these boys certainly do exude a fun and fresh innocence. This track is another that gives you a warm, summer feel. There is a 80s style electric beat that begs you to dance along. The retro style paired with the members’ big smiles and energetic dance moves provokes an infectious happiness when you listen to it.

CLC – ‘Distance’ MV
Released: 03/04/2018

CLC have a rather dream-like and ethereal concept for this MV. The song itself communicates the pain of unrequited love. It is very catchy and shows the girls’ great vocal talent. CLC are a very versatile group when it comes to their styles and concepts and they always seem to pull off whatever they turn their hands to, this time is no exception.

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BTS – ‘Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder’ MV
Released: 05/04/2018

BTS released an 8 minute music video this week, book-ended by more enigmatic imagery linking into their past MVs to the backing of the classic Debussy’s ‘Claire De Lune’. There are probably many fans more intelligent than I that are managing to piece together a story from this dramatic imagery. Considering the song itself though, it is another extremely upbeat and happy sound. Given the track’s title, this is hardly surprising though, right? It has to be said, it is all beautifully executed, as to be expected from this hugely popular group.

The members are seemingly evoking a very soft and fresh youthfulness with this concept, doubled up by the fact that they have all dyed their hair to a natural black colour. Something very unusual for an entire K-Pop group these days!

BADKIZ – ‘Just One Day’ MV
Released: 06/04/2018

The popping electronic and almost flute-like beat of this track give it a slightly old-school K-Pop feel. However, the members have a chic attitude that brings them back to the present. It seems that the K-Pop genre is really feeling the more upbeat style as a whole lately. BADKIZ give us a good example of this with this undeniably ‘poppy’ dance song.


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