Global Shawols gathered together in solidarity for the second time this year following the release of the late Kim Jonghyun’s album back in January, presented as his final gift to serve as a soft reminder that whenever his loved ones and fans are ready, he’ll always be there waiting.

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Five months have rolled by with the return of SHINee, though there’s a deeply bittersweet sentiment that lingers, each member has shown tremendous strength. Throughout the M/V, there’s subtle references made with a spot left empty for Jonghyun, which is heartwarming to see that he will forever be a member of SHINee.

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It’s clear that the bond that they share remains to be as strong as ever and it’s similar to the bond that they share with their fans, as they helped to raise the boys to #1 in 24 countries including Finland, Greece, Spain, Norway. The album ‘The Story of Light‘ had peaked at #19 on 28/05/18 and is currently residing within the Top 30 at #24 as of 29/05/18.

If you want to purchase the album, you can buy it for £2.99 here and it’s also available to stream on Spotify here too.


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