Pristin’s first subunit Pristin V debuted this week, and their song Get It has already hit the number 2 spot in the UK iTunes chart.

The V stands for ‘Villain’ as this group have a darker, naughtier image than the main group. The V also represents the five members – Nayoung, Eunwoo, Kyulkyung (aka Pinky), Rena and Roa. They’re very familiar faces they were on the audition show Produce 101, and Nayoung and Kulkyung were part of the girl group I.O.I before they later debuted together as Pristin.

Each member of Pristin V has a character story, they revealed at their debut showcase earlier this week: Nayoung is the good girl with an unexpected villainous side, Eunwoo is a mischievous girl who changes into a villain while hanging out with her friends, Kyulkyung was born a villain, while Rena is a villain you love to hate. Roa plays a mysterious villain with secrets.


Their EP Like a V is out now. Check out the acappella preview here.

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