Have you heard of The Rose? If you haven’t, then you’re currently missing out! The Rose is a South-Korean band who debuted on the 3rd of August 2017 with their song ‘Sorry’.

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The group is known to be highly influenced by British-pop, such as artists including The Script and Coldplay. Even more so, The Rose has previously flown across European for their very own tour organised with MyMusicTaste. The tour which took place in February included the likes of Brussels, Moscow, Istanbul, London and Budapest. For the British fans, it was extremely exciting to see them performing some classic British tracks from Ed Sheeran, James Bay and more.

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Funnily enough, the group’s bassist, Jaehyeong has previously mentioned his interest in Europe. In a video uploaded by MyMusicTaste, Jaehyeong expressed his wish to come to Europe for their tour. Granted, his wish was heard, as the group flew to 5 different countries for their tour.

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The Rose continue to express their interest in Britain the group received the opportunity to feature in Viki’s series known as ‘SHOOK’. The concept of the series is to showcase all your favourite K-POP groups who were nominated for the 13th Annual Soompi Awards. The series is hosted by the popular YouTube creator, Fei (otherwise known as heyitsfeii). For the third episode of SHOOK, The Rose learn English slang.

The process of this SHOOK episode involves Fei teaching the members popular English slang words. In return, The Rose will teach Fei 5 Korean slang words or phrases which they would like their fans to learn. The terms which were quoted in the video include the likes of ‘shook’, ‘yas’, ‘lit’, ‘snatched/I’m bald’, ‘chill’, ‘looking like a whole meal’, ‘spill the tea’, ‘zaddy’ and ‘bruh’.

Don’t forget you can also check out Fei’s very own experience of working with The Rose. She personally vlogs her experience working on the 3rd episode of SHOOK via her YouTube!


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