The OCN Korean remake of ‘Life on Mars‘ has received positive reviews from its original BBC creators!

For those unfamiliar, ‘Life on Mars’ is a BBC One television drama that ran for 16 episodes in 2006 and 2007. It centres around a police officer from Greater Manchester Police becoming involved in an accident and waking up in 1973.

The Korean remake (currently airing) takes place instead in 1988, and has been praised for how it has managed to maintain the feel of the British original while changing it enough to make it culturally relevant to a Korean audience.

David Belshaw is the BBC’s International Scripted Producer – working on popular British series like: ‘Luther’, ‘The Office’, ‘Moone Boy’, ‘Mistresses’, ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Misfits’, ‘Silent Witness’, ‘Silk’ and ‘Doctor Foster’.

When discussing the ‘Life on Mars’ Korean remake with Naver, Belshaw stated:

“The Korean ‘Life on Mars’ has the essence of the original while also having its own local flair. The setting is very Korean, and the time period is also interesting to watch…The initial response has been very good. OCN is earning a reputation as a broadcasting station that produces high-quality programs that captivate the entire world. We are very excited that OCN has become the home for the Korean remake of ‘Life on Mars.’ We hope that the Korean ‘Life on Mars’ will receive a lot of love from Korea as well as viewers all around the world.”

‘Life on Mars’ is a popular series that has had many remakes, including in Russia, the Czech Republic and Spain.

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It has also been suggested that OCN have got the rights to ‘Luther’ and ‘Mistresses’ too, so this may not be the end of Korean remakes of British shows!

Any fans of the original series currently watching the Korean remake?

Let us know your opinions!



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