K-Pop artists of the previous generations have made a comeback this week, including incredible releases by APink, Teen Top and rapper Yoon Mirae. The English version of Red Velvet’s Bad Boy being performed at KCON in New York has also become available to stream online as well – in the form of the official performance video. There is no word yet on if and when this will be available in studio quality, but stay tuned!

“One & Six – EP”
Title Track: I’m So Sick
Release Date: 2nd July

Teen Top
“Teen Top Story: 8pisode”
Title Track: Lover
Release Date: 3rd July

Yoon Mirae
“Gemini 2”
Title Track: You & Me (feat. Junoflo)
Release Date: 5th July

Red Velvet
“Bad Boy (English Version) – Single”
Release Date: 5th July (Live performance only)


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