The cast of the variety programme ‘SBS Running Man‘ visited Switzerland and England!

The cast were split into two teams for episodes 406-408 in which they had to either indulge in a luxury package or suffer the ‘shuddering’ package.

Jong Kook, Haha, Ji Hyo, Se Chan, singer Hon Jin Young and actress Kang Ha Na jetted off to Switzerland for luxury. Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Suk, Suk Jin, Gwang Soo, So Min, actress Da Hee and actor Yang Seob had some scary challenges to undertake in England.

The luxury package included a helicopter ride to ski on slopes (which, unfortunately was halted due to a thunderstorm). Though Haha and Kang Han-na received the punishment of walking across the Charles Kuonen  Suspension Bridge for complete exemption of paying the trip fees.

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The shuddering package included wing walking and a haunted house experience. Jae Suk, Da Hee and Gwang Soo were given the task of wing walking, all varying in levels of ‘severity’. The wing-walking is likely to have taken place at Ciltern Airpark in Oxfordshire.

Of course, the episodes are full of the cast experiencing the culture of the respective countries including eating food and having fun with the locals.

All three episodes have aired in South Korea recently and you should be able to find them online with English subtitles if you are interested!


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