The Jellyfish girls are back! Finally, here’s the subunit of gugudan that all Produce 101 fans were hoping for – Mina, Sejong and Nayoung. SEMINA’s debut single of the same name came out earlier this week. The track, which translates as ‘jealous’ is composed by NEWold and written by Kim Ji Hyang and Mina. Have you seen the sweet summery themed video yet?

Mina, Sejong and Nayoung first entered the public eye in 2016, during the first season of Produce 101, when they performed the song Something New for their audition. Dance minx Mina and stunning vocalists Nayoung and Sejong easily earned the public vote week after week, and it was no surprise when two of the three earned spots in the final group, I.O.I. Nayoung only narrowly missed out, finishing 14th.

Gugudan, Jellyfish Entertainment’s first girl group, debuted in June 2016 and saw all three girls joined by six other Jellyfish trainees. While Sejong has released a solo track, and Mina has already taken part in one subunit, 5959, this is the first time Nayoung has debuted outside of the main group.

The girls make a cute and talented trio, and Soompi reported that at their debut showcase Nayoung said, “If one phrase is used to describe our new album, ‘Funky Diva’ would be the most suitable one for it. It is an album that shows the three members’ different personalities and upgraded vocal abilities.”

The girls also gave advice to the current trainees in Produce 48. Sejeong, who finished 2nd on the show, said, “It is very rare to have such a program that gathers many trainees from different entertainment companies. I hope all of them can treasure the chance to learn the best parts of each other and treat others as partners rather than as competitors. Isn’t it great to have the opportunity to perform with different trainees on various stages?” Wise and kind Sejong hasn’t changed one bit from her own Produce 101 days!

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