Summer is here! Have you been absorbing the sunshine that has been around in the UK consecutively? But whilst we may be appreciating the sunshine, various artists have also been releasing their very own tunes. For this week, our Weekly Idol post will be focusing on the one and only, Ashley Choi!

You may be thinking, who exactly is Ashley anyways – well here is your chance to find out! To provide you with some background, Ashley is known as one of the members of Ladies’ Code. The group were predominately known for their vocals but haven’t released much due to the unfortunate circumstances which occurred in 2014. However, the group continued to strive within their career.

As summertime has arrived, Ashley has worked hard to release her very own single known as “Here We Are”! The single album features not only her title song but another song known as “Answer”. Check out here newest MV release below!

If you have been following some of her closest friends on social media, such as KARD’s BM or The Rose’s Woosung – You’ll find that they’ve been supporting her comeback by writing commemorative captions to promote her solo.

This also includes the likes of Joan Kim, a famous Korean YouTuber whom personally made a reaction video! You can check out her supportive reaction video below!

As a member of Ladies’ Code, she is most recognised as the leader of the group, as well as for her lead vocals. Along with her musical career, she has also been working as a Radio DJ for a number of shows over the years since 2016!

Fun Facts about Ashley:

  • She has five known tattoos
  • Loves sweet potatoes
  • Her dog is called Kiwi
  • She has a younger brother called Tyler
  • Her cousin chose her and her brother’s English names when they moved to America

If you’re interested in keeping updated with Ashley’s latest activities, follow her social media accounts below:


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