First generation idol group g.o.d few to Spain earlier this week to begin filming their very own reality-style programme with JTBC. 

The still-popular five-piece group will celebrate their twentieth anniversary since debut on January 13th, and in celebration the members are preparing a concert tour (November 30th to December 2nd), an album (likely titled Chapter 9), and a television show that will see them visit Camino de Santiago in Spain.

The five members of g.o.d (Park Joon Hyung, Kim Tae Woo, Son Ho Young, Yoon Kye Sang and Danny Ahn) flew to Spain on Monday evening (BST) with the group opting for more a comfy-casual style over the ‘airport fashion’ favoured by most younger idols. This is the first time the group has travelled as a five-piece since the USA leg of their reunion tour in 2014, a reunion that saw Yoon Kye Sang return to the group after leaving ten years previously.

The group and their JTBC crew stayed at Albergue San Miguel at the start of their trip. Owners Piera and Arturo described them as ‘wonderful’ and even asked them to leave behind a little ‘art‘ for their creative residence. Joon gracefully drew the g.o.d caricatures he designed upon their reunion, and all of the members left their thanks.

An avid Instagrammer, Park Joon Hyung continued to update on their trip with a photograph of himself with bandmate and cousin, Danny Ahn, looking thoroughly exhausted outside a branch of the Caja España bank. Joon admitted they may have pushed too hard with their first day of trekking, but they still had far to go.

요오우~ 온쥐 2틀박깨안됏는대 왜한한달됀거갓쮜…차암나~ 빼애앰! Yo~ it's only been 2 days trekking in Santiago Spain but why does it feel like it's been a month already… still hava Looong Road ahead of us in this HOT weather… BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #윤계상 #안데니 #손호영 #김태우 #같이걸을까 #jtbc #요오우술래당길장난아뉘내매애앤차암나 #ThinkWeOverdidItOntheFirstDay #첫날너무아주마니무뤼해쓰둘째날인대무릎팍쓰가뿌쎠쥘꺼같다차암나 #하이킹하다가마을애서쪽꿈쉬는중근대땅바닥쓰가하두따뜻해땅빠닥쓰애다가다리지지는중쓰 #Spain #Santiago #하두길개요올라뤼쓰더운날씨애계속Hiking하니깐하루가한5일쓰처럼늣껴쥐내차암나 #인재다시거러야됀다매애앤 #파뤼새끼쓰들아재발나쫌냅둬라왜날계속따라다니냐매애앤아쨔증쓰#SeveralMoreHunfredKilometersToGoWhew #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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When not working together as g.o.d the members have a variety of focuses for their time. Park Joon Hyung and Danny Ahn are regular variety show guests; Son Ho Young is a popular musical actor – having recently finished a run as D’Artagnan in the 10th Korean anniversary tour of The Three Musketeers; Kim Tae Woo still has an active solo career and owns the entertainment company Soulshop Entertainment; and Yoon Kye Sang continues to flourish as an actor, recently seen in Noh Dong-seok’s Golden Slumber.

The group’s Spanish travels don’t have a confirmed air date on JTBC as yet, though the show will likely air before or around the time of their January anniversary.


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