British newspaper and magazine Metro recently interviewed iKon, posting the video interview to their website on 26th August 2018. Having recently kicked off their world tour in Asia, the group discuss a whole host of topics, including describing their new album in a variety of comical ways. Scent, sound, facial expression, season – they’re all used as adjectives!

iKon’s latest EP New Kids: Continue is a stark contrast to some of their earlier efforts. The tracks are incredibly laid-back and slick, marking a significant departure from some of the sounds introduced in their debut album on songs such as “Dumb&Dumber” and “Rhythm Ta”, but much closer to more recent releases including the very popular ‘Love Scenario’. Despite this shift in tone, the group are quick to explain how this has happened naturally, with the new atmosphere reflecting their vocal and personal changes and maturity. The group frequently point to the lead single ‘Killing Me’ as an example of their development. 

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In the interview, the members discuss what went on while B.I. worked on the record. They share that the rapper does not like others in his studio, with Jay describing the area as his bandmate’s “personal space”, highlighting the amount of respect he has for him. This sense of respect is also extended towards fans, as B.I. explains the process behind writing ‘Just For You’, a song dedicated to those who have supported the group since their debut two years ago.

Watch the exclusive video from Metro here and let us know what you think!



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