With BTS just releasing their highly anticipated repackaged album Love Yourself: Answer, there is no time to rest as the group kick off their world tour in the Olympic stadium in Seoul, South Korea. But, in a recent press conference, they expressed their excitement for dates slightly further afield, with Jungkook highlighting a particular interest in performing at the O2 Arena in London.

“It has come to be for us to perform in England’s O2 arena, and I think it’s an honour. I will take care of my condition well so that the performance will always be the best. I will work hard.”

London was not the only place mentioned, with Suga describing the chance to perform in American stadiums as “unbelievable”.

Articles concerning the press conference have been released in Korean, but twitter accounts such as @doyou_bangtan have been meticulously offering English translations. You can follow the thread through the embedded tweet here:

The group have been incredibly aware of their global stage presence, with the latest single ‘IDOL’ taking influences from all across the world, as well as a nod to traditional forms of music from their homeland. In the press conference,  Suga noted that “I think the song is Korean whilst also global…This performance mixes African dance with Korean dance. Samulnori and the mask dance was combined to make something easy to follow. It would be good if it can be enjoyed while followed easily.”

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Watch BTS’s new music video for ‘IDOL’ below!


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