Ever wanted to learn about kimchi? Do you ever ask yourself what makes for a good kimchi? Well, ask no more. The Korean Cultural Centre UK and the World Institute of Kimchi have paired up in order to provide a demonstration of the superfood.

Held at the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Bloomsbury Square, London, Kimchi Grand Master, Ha-Yeun Lee will be demonstrating three types of kimchi; standard, vegan and cucumber. The event will take place on Wednesday 19th September 2018 from 6.30-8.00pm. Find more details on the facebook page.

The Kimchi Grand Master doing what she does best!

The event has been incredibly popular, and therefore, registration has now closed. But it is always worth heading back to the ticket site in case of cancellations! But, fear not – you can still take advantage of Mrs. Lee’s UK appearance. She will also be attending the Korean Festival in Kingston on Saturday 22nd September 2018. Get ready to find out everything and more you wanted to know about Kimchi!


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