October is now upon us and the countdown to the Winter celebrations will soon begin with Halloween. However, that has not stopped the big stories from keeping us on the edge of our seats in true scary movie fashion. As always, we have gathered up three of the biggest stories that has created a stir among fans and in UKP HQ.

CUBE forces Hyuna & E’Dawn out!

The scandal of Hyuna and Pentagon’s E’Dawn has been spanning over the course of at least a month now which CUBE noting previously that both him and fellow member, Yanan were on hiatus for an indefinite time. Now the label has taken decisive action and announced that they have kicked Hyuna and E’Dawn out of the company due to broken “loyalty and trust”. This has already caused a major uproar with fans as they have commented on CUBE’s loyalty to their artists by not even informing them until it reached national news. Regardless of the mistrust and conduct between company and artist, CUBE’s stock have plummeted since the news and with the saga still continuing to this day, this won’t be the last that we hear from the troubled company this year.

Junhoe snaps at iKONics!

iKON are due to return with a new album this month but the attention is currently not on MV teasers or music previews. Junhoe has recently posted on social media in relation to controversial director, Kitano Takeshi who has a history of hatred towards Korea. Concerned fans did comment to him, kindly asking to remove the content out of respect but Junhoe retaliated with an arrogant response; ordering fans to stop ordering him around. He did try to defend himself by stating his respect to Takeshi’s work as an artist but fans believed it to be disrespectful for an idol to speak to them in that manner. Days after, Junhoe did offer a public apology and stated that he didn’t understand the severity of the situation. iKON is still set to make their return with “Goodbye Road” on October 1.

BTS make History at the United Nations!

The group of the moment is currently on tour and set to perform in the UK this month but BTS is continuing to cement their place in history. In the American leg of their “Love Yourself” World Tour, they have performed on America’s Got Talent, appeared on Jimmy Fallon and even recreated Fortnite dances on television but one show topped them all. The BigHit group was granted the honor of being the first South Korean group to appear before the United Nations to help launch their Generation Limited initiative; a plan to offer education, training and employment to young people by 2030. RM spoke on behalf of the group, commenting on their Love Myself campaign and his own struggles while growing up & gaining fame as part of BTS. The speech has gained worldwide recognition for more than just their musical recognition as RM encouraged the congress and the public to show their voice to the world; stating that “No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, your gender identity, just speak yourself.”

Watch the entire speech in the video above, courtesy of US News outlet; The Washington Post.


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