VAV released a remake of Kay One’s Senorita last week and it’s proving to be quite successful!

The song has entered the top 100 of eleven international iTunes charts in the K-pop genre. This includes the UK, Spain, Mexico and even Australia. It has even peaked at third in Germany.

Source: Twitter

As well as this, the group have also entered the US iTunes K-pop chart – a massive achievement!

Source: Twitter

VAV are a seven member group from A Team Entertainment, consisting of St.Van, Jacob, Baron, Lou, ACE, Ayno and Ziu. Their comeback, Senorita, is a unique blend of Latin pop and K-pop made by the song’s original producer, Stard Ova, and K-pop producer, Ryan Jhun. The music video was released last Wednesday and has almost reached 7 million views already – a first for the group! Check it out below!

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What do you think of VAV’s new song?


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