Kim Sohee from the girl group Elris is making a solo comeback this week! Be sure to look out for her MV Hurry Up, as it will be released at 6pm KST on Thursday 18 October. Here’s a special teaser of her paying homage to female K-pop artists over the years, ending with her own track.

Sohee was introduced to the Korean public via the TV show K-pop Star 6, broadcast in 2016 and 2017. She was part of the JYP casted team along with boy band Boyfriend, and had to compete weekly to keep her place. Her voguing dance moves proved a hit with the public.


After ending the show as runner-up, she made a solo debut in May 2017 with Spotlight, just before debuting as part of Hunus Entertainment’s girl group Elris. It’s unusual for a girl group member to debut solo work before their group work, but Sohee simply shines in both. This new solo release is written and produced by Bolbbalgan4, a popular female singer-songwriter duo who are also featuring on the track. See more of the behind the scenes footage of Hurry Up here.

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