SHINee has and continues to hold a special place in the Korean music industry. This year, the group celebrated their 10 year anniversary, which is a feat that only proves how strong the bond is between all the members and how much they love creating music. For this week, we’ll be looking at their hit track – a throwback from 2013 – it’s none other than the infectious song that’ll get you it’s dancing and that’s ‘Everybody’!

SHINee has never been shy to experiment in a variety of genres held within music. From the year of which they made their debut in 2008 with ‘Replay‘, painting the image of five boyish teenagers who all shared a dream to spread their love and passion for music and performing. Fast forward to an additional five years later, those young boys are nowhere to be found and instead, they’re replaced with charismatic and confident men. While they may not show years of experience on their youthful faces, it’s more than evident that their talents had been nurtured and grown in leaps and bounds.

With ‘Everybody‘, they really stepped up their game and the visuals of the M/V only help to support this. SHINee have handfuls of songs that fans can credit to them when their name is voiced, though there’s something special about this one. Even from just listening to it for a moment, you just have to appreciate SHINee as a whole. It’s a strong contender track where all the members shone individually, each person helping to elevate the other, like the team that they showed to be. SHINee will always be a five member group, no matter what happens and with this song, it showed the true potential of this group and how powerful they can be.

As discussed, the visuals of this music video is just goosebump inducing. SHINee have this aura to charm you with their collected presence, even from a laptop or computer screen. All of the members fitted each other like a five piece puzzle, it just worked efficiently and to a standard held above the typical threshold of K-Pop. They’re all on par with one other, dancing in sync as if they were parts of a machine.

The energy levels just look out of this world, even in the format of a M/V, they still managed to put on a show for their fans, their audience who watched on in awe and with bated breath. They’re highly respected artists in their field and while they may be functioning as four, they will only continue to evolve, just like they always have, and that’s something that won’t change for SHINee.


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