We often get immersed into K-Pop that we tend to forget the rest of the beautiful culture. Delicious food. Breathtaking landscapes. Ten-step routines for flawless skin. Korean culture is one to admire and learn from, but it isn’t often that the UK gets to appreciate it.

Inspire Me Korea provide boxes of K-Culture for customers to enjoy. These boxes aren’t limited to K-Pop – some include beauty products, snacks and all include a monthly magazine. They are the UK’s first company for K-Culture boxes and have come a long way since they began in 2016. They now ship worldwide and sometimes host events. Last weekend, they hosted the first official London Meet and Greet for Korean-American YouTuber, Joan Kim.

For those who don’t know her, Joan began by uploading Korean skincare and fashion content on YouTube. She gained popularity due to her personal travel vlogs, ‘Joanday’, in Korea. As I learnt through the event, she and the CEO of Inspire Me Korea, Diana, are good friends. Both were more than happy to collaborate on an official London meet and greet!

Sunday – London’s First Official Meet and Greet

Hosted in The Collective Old Oak in North Acton, the meet and greet was a small, intimate gathering. It ran in two sessions – one from 1pm and another at 3pm. I attended the second one. This event was the final one, after a successful VIP Lunch and Bingsoo Afternoon Tea on Saturday. The lunch was held at Yori London, and the Afternoon Tea at Cake and Bingsoo in New Malden. Check out Joan’s vlogmas episode for it here.

There were about twenty of us in total, greeted with Inspire Me Korea Christmas magazines in our seats. All were excited to meet Joan. The girls I sat next to had travelled over two hours just to attend the event!

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The Experience

Joan appeared from behind a curtain, pairing a checked pantsuit with a black top. She was full of smiles as she got straight into her talk. She described her journey as a YouTuber, and promoted her Joanday and night cream with Neogen. Throughout the talk, her broadcaster personality shone. She was a natural speaker, and her friendship with Diana created a relaxed ambiance. You wouldn’t believe the girls were on their fourth event of the weekend!

After a short Q&A, there was an opportunity to win an Inspire Me Box curated by Joan herself. Each contained her Neogen cream – a must, she later told me – and a variety of Korean products.

Group Photo from Session One, taken by Inspire Me Korea

Guests later had a photo opportunity with Joan. Everyone took selfies and was able to have a brief conversation. Diana and her sister, Alice, took photographs whilst official photographers filmed the event. Be sure to check Joan and Inspire Me Korea’s respective YouTube channels to see it!

Subscriber posing with Joan, taken by Inspire Me Korea

Subscriber posing for a selfie with Joan, taken by Inspire Me Korea

Another highlight was the sneak preview of Inspire Me Korea’s next subscription box! This month’s theme is the January New Year. I won’t spoil too much of what’s inside, but you can see it on their website. Hurry to subscribe!

In all, the Meet and Greet was a beautiful end the weekend. It was well-organised and a special treat to all guests. A massive thank you to Diana for the invitation, and hopefully we’ll get to cover another event soon!

Did you attend any of Inspire Me Korea’s events with Joan? Let us know your experience!


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