With her third official year as an artist this year, the soloist has charmed her audiences since her television debut on the survival show ‘Produce 101‘ in 2016 that has since inspired numerous other programmes of similar successes.

Throughout the gruelling process of the show, Chungha stunned the judging panel and general audience with her charisma and as a result, she won a place on the line-up of I.O.I in 4th place. She promoted with the group until 2017 with several comebacks and soon after she made her solo debut into the entertainment industry.

I.O.I, being the new experimental group on the market back in 2016, certainly had a jam-packed schedule to accommodate the short term contracts for the girls. They made their official debut on May 4 with the EP ‘Chrysalis’ and later promoted the title title ‘Dream Girls‘. Two months later, a sub-unit was formed which included Chungha and the girls made their comeback with ‘Whatta Man‘, which earned them one of their first No.1’s on Mnet MCountdown! Also, it was later revealed that Chungha had personally choreographed for this track.

You can check out their M/V’s below for a throwback memory!

Success continued to rain on the girls, especially with their next comeback song ‘Very Very Very‘ which was penned by JYP himself. The catchy, cookie cutter vibe of the track was an instant hit and earned the girls their last music program trophy as a group on Show Champion near the end of October. I.O.I continued to promote on several variety shows until January 2017, they made their final comeback with ‘Downpour‘, which was written and co-produced by Seventeen’s Woozi.

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It had been announced that Chungha would be making her solo debut early on in 2017, it was expected that it would be shortly after I.O.I’s promotions had come to an end. She had a taste test for solo work during her performances on the dance show ‘Hit The Stage‘, where she also had a stage that featured I.O.I member Choi Yoo Jung, you can watch the full performance below.

In early June of 2017, she made her solo debut with ‘Why Don’t You Know‘, which was the title track on her EP ‘Hands on Me‘ which featured rapper Nucksal. It was a fresh track that’s perfect for the summer time and a good introduction to Chungha as a solo artist. Next up is her second EP ‘Offset‘, it was released seven months later with the title track ‘Roller Coaster‘ on January 17 2018. The M/V alone has garnered up over 38 million views, for a solo artist is quite impressive.

And lastly, with her most recent comeback, she kicked off this year with a banger of a song ‘Gotta Go‘, which she teased during her MAMA collaboration stage performance with Sunmi last December. During today’s broadcast of Show Champion, Chungha won her first music show trophy as a soloist! We wish her congratulations for her win and all the best for her upcoming promotions this year. You can check out all of her solo work below!


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