CLC’s latest mini-album ‘No.1’ (pronounced no one) charted in iTunes Charts worldwide!

As of 9AM BST, the album has ranked in the top 3 of 6 European countries, including a no.1 spot in Finland, Romania and Sweden. The title track ‘No’ charted in Spain in the 66th spot.


It is also the girl group’s first time to chart in the UK. ‘No.1’ peaked at no.14 on the iTunes Albums Charts. This seems fitting for CLC, who sport the British luxury brand, Burberry, in their teaser photos.


‘No’ is a dance song that expresses CLC’s bold confidence. G-IDLE’s Soyeon co-composed the song, and its lyrics say that ‘one colour alone’ cannot describe them. Listen to it below!

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This comeback has been highly anticipated by Cheshires around the around the world, as the girls’ last comeback was almost a year ago. The comeback has also been anticipated due to the recent controversy of IZONE’s debut track, ‘La Vie En Rose’, originally belonging to them. The girls, however, agree that their current title track, ‘No’ suits them better.

CLC are a seven-member girl group from Cube Entertainment that debuted in 2015. The group consists of Seunghee, Yeeun, Elkie, Eunbin, Yujin, Sorn and Seungyeon. You can buy their mini-album on iTunes here.

Congratulations on CLC’s European success – and let’s hope they get their first win soon!


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