Hot off their debut last week, Cherry Bullet have been making waves as rookies with their catchy song ‘Q&A.’ The MV is just as explosive, with bright colours aplenty and a vibrant video game theme that ties it all together. The girls fit perfectly into the virtual world seen in the MV, styled to match yet also stand out. If you want to steal their style, look no further. You won’t even have to level up first!

Whilst there are some scenes in which the members of Cherry Bullet are seen wearing similar light blue dresses, these are certainly not the highlight. During the dance sections is where the girls’ fashion really shines. Each outfit plays out the style of the MV and the group as a whole, making them look great as a collective unit whilst also allowing them to retain some individuality. The looks a bright yet bold, not overly colourful to avoid clashing with the colour set behind them. Most of the colours pair skirts with black combat style boots – feminity with an edge. Crops tops and bold patterns also give the looks a fun vibe. There’s nothing here that appears too serious, in keeping with the upbeat song.

Thankfully, all these styles are currently on trend, and therefore very easy to replicate.

  1. Checkered Crop Knit Tee –, £8.99
  2. White Sporty Tape Crop T Shirt –, £12
  3. Black Front Denim Zip Skirt –, £20
  4. Women’s Check Print Pleated Buckle Mini Skirt –, £25
  5. Black Chunky Lace Up Boot –, £35
  6. Block Heel Over The Knee With Tie Details Boot –, £33.75
  7. Fitted Dress in Black/Red –, £12.99

The best thing about Cherry Bullet’s style for ‘Q&A’ is that it’s completely customizable. Find the cuts and colours that work best for you and you can still pull off the same look whilst being confident in how you pull it off. Pair skinny jeans with a fitted, patterned top for a sleek look, or combine the crop top and skirt for something a little more playful. Top this off with some strong black boots, then mix and match to experiment.



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