In this month alone, boy groups have been launching a wide variety of genre and image. However, with the rush of retro fun in full swing; a group of dark angels have descended onto the scene. ONEUS is a brand new dance unit, hailing from RBW Entertainment and finally dropping their debut this month in the form of “Valkyrie”.

You may recognise some faces within the group if you follow the Survival Show circuit. Both Ravn and Seoho appeared in the controversial “MIXNINE” alongside members of their brother group, VROMANCE. Seoho also chased for debut in the second season of “Produce 101” as he represented RBW with Keonhee & Hwanwoong. Xion & Leedo was soon added to the roster to form ONEUS, the new little brothers of MAMAMOO and the first fully fledged male dance group in the company.

What is special about ONEUS’ debut is that it is part of a much larger scale project. This debut was in the making back in late 2018 with a second partner group, ONEWE. While the six members are the dance unit, ONEWE is an instrumental band that used to operate as MAS during their previous debut and in reboot show, “The Unit”. Both teams have performed together in the past, particularly in the project track; “Last Song”.

ONEUS have only had one stint in the industry but they have certainly caused a storm with their Archangel debut. Both “Valkyrie” and their album, “Light Us” have ranked high across European iTunes charts, including the United Kingdom and the music video has generated over six million views in just under one month. It is clear to see that with this drop, the battle for the boy group debut is certainly under way and it has only just begun. Do you think ONEUS will be shining a light on the competition? Let us know your thoughts on their debut, “Valkyrie” in the comments and on social media.


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