Disbandment, debuts and first wins. Welcome to the roundup of the shortest month of the year!


Disbandment of Wanna One

Just before February, we saw the disbandment of one of the biggest boy group in Kpop. They, in total, won forty-nine awards at year-end ceremonies and festivals. They embarked on a world tour including fifteen countries. Endorsed sixteen brands, ranging from clothes to makeup and food. Appeared on multiple variety shows all within the span of two years. The two years of memories and achievements finally came to an end. Wanna One held a three-day concert titled ‘Therefore’ as a goodbye to their dedicated fan base. While they have left a huge mark on the industry the eleven boys have left a bigger mark on their fans. No longer able to see the group they have spent two years with promoting together on the same stage, fans plan to keep their memories in their hearts as they support them in the paths the Wanna One members choose.


CLC’s first win!

Debuted March 2015, the seven-member girl group CLC released their eight EP titled ‘No.1’. The title track of the album, ‘NO’, won the group their first music show win! On February the 12th, the group won on ‘The show’, well done ladies.

ITZY debut and break music show win record!

The winning did not stop with CLC. ITZY also gained their first music show win in the month of February. The five-member girl group debuted on the 12th with a digital album called ‘ITZ’s different’. The group got their first win on the 21st of February! Nine days after their debut making them the new record holders for the quickest music show win on a debut album.

Tribute to Micheal Jackson

What happens when a kpop boy group, a Chinese artist and an American artist walk into a music video? You get something like ‘’Shut up and let’s dance’’. NCT 127, EXO’s Lay and Jason Derulo released a music video packed with dance moves on February the 22nd. The dance moves were not only inspired by Micheal Jackson but the music video has been revealed to be part of a series paying tribute to the king of pop. This song is just one out four singles in an EP-box. For now I will shut up and enjoy the dance but not before asking you to comment what your biggest February news was!



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