Dutch broadcasting company RTV shared a documentary covering a darker side of Kpop, and fans aren’t happy about it.
Ewout & the Tough K-Pop World followed Ewout Genemans, as he aimed to educate people on the Kpop phenomenon. The documentary covered topics such as plastic surgery, scandals, and suicide.
However, the ‘dark’ topics are not what have grabbed fans’ attention. Rather, it is Ewout’s method of research that led to social media outrage.
In the documentary, he is seen attending a fan meeting of rookie girl group GWSN and uses the fan meeting to interview them. He asks one member whether she has “also” had plastic surgery, and another on her opinion on Kpop scandals.
This led the girl’s management company to release a statement regarding the matter:
Fans were also outraged at the use of footage from SHINEE’s Jonghyun’s funeral. Ewout used the footage to fuel the idea that Kpop idols are depressed. Jonghyun’s sudden death in 2017 had shocked Kpop fans around the world, and found Ewout’s use to be highly disrespectful.
What are your opinions on the documentary?

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