Jay Park has announced that he will be releasing a documentary series about himself on YouTube Original.

Jay Park is the former leader of Kpop boy group 2PM. Since leaving the group in 2010, he has been releasing solo music and has created his own hip-hop recording label, AOMG.

The singer held a press conference about the new documentary on his 32nd birthday. The documentary will be called ‘Jay Park: Chosen1’ and will portray the struggles of artists breaking into the industry, specifically foreign artists. The show will chronicle Jay Park’s life from the start of his career to the present day.

It has been confirmed by the producer, Luke Choi, that Jay Park’s experience in 2PM will be a part of the documentary. He said: “We couldn’t leave out 2PM. If life is a race, then it’s not all about how fast you run or how far you jump. I thought it was important to believe in yourself and have courage”.

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Jay Park spoke about his decision to take part in the documentary: “Aside from my popularity, I believed my activities and the road I walked are well worth it, so I chose YouTube Original.” He also said: “I have not looked back over the past nine or ten years. I’m always looking ahead, going for the next step. And at one point I wanted something that would let me remember what I’ve done.”

The documentary will be 80-minutes long and the first of a four-part series. You can watch the documentary on YouTube Originals when it premieres on May 1st.


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