This week has seen releases from NCT 127, BAP’s Yongjae, MC Sniper and more.


Former Rainz member Seongri makes solo debut with R&B ballad ‘That’s You’

415 releases ‘Shining Star’

So!YoON! releases ‘Holiday’

June-One Kim releases a demo of ‘Wild’

Jackingcong releases ‘Don’t Be Blue’

MC Sniper releases ‘Night Flight’ featuring Rachael Yamagata

Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans release ‘Around Midnight’

Wetter release ‘Ggondae’


HASHTAG releases their ‘#Aeji #paSsion’ mini album with the lead track ‘Freesm’


Kim Eun Bi releases ‘PPP’

NCT 127 releases their Japanese full-length album ‘Awaken’ 

L.NDN releases ‘Blackening’


Jung Seunghwan releases mini album ‘Dear, My Universe’ and title track ‘The Voyager’ 

Lee Gikwang of Highlight releases ‘Nothing’

Stephanie releases ‘Man on the Dance Floor’


I.M collaborates with Elhae for ‘Horizon’

Youngjae releases his debut mini-album ‘Fancy’ and the single ‘Another Night’

Apink release ‘Everybody Ready?’

ENOi of Boys24 releases his debut digital single ‘Bloom’

THREE1989 releases ‘Umbrella’


Lee Jang Woo releases ‘Will You Marry Me’


109 releases ‘We Need to Meet Now’


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