It seems the recent debuts just keep raising the bar higher and higher. Latest to the up the ante is girl group Everglow. Coming from Yuehua Entertainment, the group has six members – three of which you might have seen before.

The Produce series has seen many idol trainees come and go over the years. From the very first season onwards, members of groups have made their name on the show and tried to subsequently raise the profile of their groups or solo activities. This has worked to varying degrees, but for rookie groups, any recognition can be worth its weight in gold. For Everglow, this has meant the latter. Members Sihyeon and Yiren have both made their names in Produce 101 and 48 respectively, with Sihyeon having appeared in both. Despite neither placing high enough in rankings to make the final groups of each show, they both gained enough interest that the group has started out strong. And it’s not just Produce that gave the pre-debut members a spotlight. Onda, or Jo Serim, placed 40th on Idol School.

The remaining three members were revealed alongside these three on 17th February as part of Everglow. Aisha, E:U and Mia hold equal presence to the girls who appeared in the talent shows. This is strikingly evident in their debut song and MV, ‘Bon Bon Chocolat.’ The track was released as part of the ‘Arrival of Everglow’ single album alongside B-side songs ‘Moon’ and ‘D+1.’

The song has been praised for its bold EDM style, not relying too heavily on current trends and tropes but still providing the girls with a lot to do. The choreography is provided by Lia Kim and is pulled off with confidence by every member. That’s not surprising given their pre-debut experience. The girls also posted a group cover of ‘Rumour’ from Produce 48 shortly before their debut.

Whilst it’s still very early days in their career, Everglow have so much ahead of them. You can find their official Twitter here, as well as their YouTube, to keep up with all their latest news.


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