It seems like most Kpop fans went to one of BLACKPINK’s UK concerts in the last week – and Little Mix’s Jade is one of those fans!

Jade, a member of British girl group Little Mix, has not been subtle about her love of BLACKPINK. She fangirled about the BLACKPINK’s most recent comeback ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ and Little Mix have said they’d love to collaborate with BLACKPINK.

It’s no surprise, then, that Jade would attend BLACKPINK’s concert in London.

She posted a picture of her outfit on the tube travelling to the concert, with the caption: “well I wasn’t guna watch Blackpink in any old thing was I”.

She also uploaded videos of the concert onto her Instagram story. She appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the concert; dancing along to the hits and fangirling over BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Do you think it’s likely we’ll be seeing a BLACKPINK x Little Mix collab soon?



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