Earlier this week, Rich Mix London played host to the annual K-Music Showcase. The 2019 Showcase presented the stage to three remarkable and versatile artists ranging extensively on the musical spectrum; YESEO (electronica/electro pop), Dabda (Rock) and george(R&B).

Today’s article is about none other than the charming R&B singer-songwriter and producer george (죠지) who is currently taking Korea by storm with his charismatic personality and astounding musical talent.

george (lower case g not lower case talent!) has rapidly impressed critics and the public alike since his debut single in 2016 ‘I am george’ (아엠죠지), his down to earth nature and distinctive vocals have gained him an international following and international success. His debut EP ‘Cassette’ also topped the Apple Music’s R&B chart – taking fifth place in the main album chart.

Before george was topping the Apple music charts he began his musical journey on SoundCloud, gaining popularity from songs such as ‘Bottom of the sea’, a beautiful tune with a tender and expressive melody and soothing vocals.

Having already kept up a strong social media presence before his official debut with his playful and witty nature on his Facebook page ‘georgelife’ he has gained an active following of fans adoring his positive aura. The singer-songwriter is also part of WYBH, a crew created in 2016 by Giriboy, made up of 12 members mostly consisting of DJs and producers, promoting and performing sets together in various locations.

george is currently signed with Craft and Jun; an artist and management label home to a number of artists and producers. Created in 2014, Craft and Jun place great emphasis on creative freedom – giving their artists full control over their music. Valuing and encouraging artistic creativity while not focusing on a specific music genre in their management; just pure raw talent.

K drama enthusiasts may already be familiar with this rising star and his unique sound from his OST discography which includes the song Something from My ID is Gangnam Beauty and the gorgeous title track to the drama Memories of the Alhambra.

As well as his successful singles, george has also worked with several distinguished artists across the Korean music industry including Primary, Luna from f(x), Hoody, Samuel Seo and also founder and fellow WYBH crew member Giriboy. It’s also important to note that on top of all these feature releases george also participated in Hyolyn and Jooyoung’s ‘Erase’ as a lyrist – Which I have shamefully been listening to since it’s release in 2014 without any idea who was behind those beautiful lyrics. george has definitely shown he is super talented in numerous aspects in the music industry and I anticipate watching this talent grow and flourish in the coming years.

Another favourite song of mine has to be Swimming pool, no matter the stress I am enduring his voice in this melody is always able to calm me down and sooth me. There’s a simplicity to his voice that still holds so much raw emotion but is also controlled; emphasising his talent and passion without making his voice sound over worked but like it’s as natural to him as breathing.

However, I can’t talk about george without mentioning Boat. Perhaps the song he is best known for is Boat, with a calm/ relaxed head bobbing beat and catchy hook entwined with george’s smooth vocals I guarantee you will have this song on repeat after the first listen. The music video has also gained a lot of attention for its unprecedented ‘do it yourself’ style. The video is a treat to watch; just george and several friends looking like they are having the time of their lives being dorks on a run down looking boat. It’s refreshing to see an artist not taking himself too seriously and just enjoying himself, leaving the industry clichés behind.

There seems to be a nautical or water based theme in my favourite songs, coincidently I assure you however, one YouTube commenter dubbed him the “King of water related songs” and I agree whole heartedly to this statement.

While watching some of george’s live performances (which are mesmerising by the way) I happily stumbled across the YouTube video ‘TOKYO / 카와이트립’; a vlog of the singers trip to Tokyo and it’s a safe assessment to say I was utterly charmed. The video is only 5 minutes long with no English subtitles but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the delightful contents. Watching george be unapologetically himself gave me an insight into his warm and spirited personality. 1 minute and 41 seconds into the video you see george interacting with some English speaking tourists; where he draws and sings for them, talking and introducing himself confidently in perfect English, completely endearing the couple in a matter of minutes. Although short it was very much sweet; I found the vlog so enjoyable with an honest portrayal of how this up and coming artist (adored for his personality as well as talent) truly is.

His Instagram is also another way to learn more about the artist behind the talent; a mixture of silly selfies, photoshoots and artistic shots it definitely feels more personal and approachable than some celebrity Instagram accounts!

If you also fall helplessly in love with george and his music you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook. For his music you should head over to his SoundCloud and WYBH SoundCloud for all his new and old releases. You can also find his music on YouTube here.

I know I am not the only one anticipating the possible future release of a full length album; I hope george continues to make music that is true to himself and to continue living with great optimism and positivity. I hope for nothing but good things in his future and career; I look forward to seeing what his next artistic chapter brings.

I’m sure he will do ‘swimmingly’ and ‘make waves’ in no time – after all he’s not the King of water themed songs for nothing!

Check out his latest track ‘look at me’ which was released 21st of February!


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