This week has been a great one for rookies, indie artists and OST artists! Delve in and discover something new!


Kim Bum Soo releases ‘Forever’ from the ‘re.MAKE20’ project

Park Hyo Shin releases ‘Goodbye’ 

Yeeun releases ‘Tall Tree’ from the ‘Home For Summer’ OST

Stella Jang releases ‘Sunny Day’ from the ‘The Secret Life of my Secretary’ OST

Seol Ha Yoon releases ‘Forever More’ from the ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’ OST

AIFF (Ant is Fourmi in French) releases ‘Lux in Tenebris (Home)’

Tomsson releases ‘T.I.I’ featuring Born-Kim


MOMOLAND X Erik release ‘Love is Only You’

Nam Woohyun of INFINITE releases ‘Hold On Me’ featuring Junoflo from the mini album ‘A New Journey’

Wable releases ‘My Path‘ from the ‘I Don’t Wanna Work 2019‘ OST

Every SIngle Day releases ‘Long Sigh’ from the ‘Special Labor Inspector, Mr Jo’ OST

Peppertones releases ‘Fool’ from the ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ OST

Yang Da Il releases ‘Dreams’

Kim Sun Jae releases ‘Radio’

Wine Loop releases ‘Diary’

Lili Coy releases ‘Like’


Eric Nam releases ‘Runaway’

Oh My Girl releases ‘The Fifth Season’

Yu Seung Woo releases ‘Still Here’ from the album ‘Yu Seung Woo 2’

JuniorChef releases ‘Tsugi’ featuring Young Coco

Beenzino releases ‘OKGO’ featuring E SENS

Rainbow Note releases ‘Morning Star’

We Are The Night releases ‘Take Your Camera’

Movning releases ‘Interlude’


WayV releases ‘Take Off’ from their Chinese mini album of the same name

Henry releases ‘Untitled Love Song’

Xiumin of EXO releases ‘You’ as part of the ‘SM Station 3’ Project

Baek Yerin releases ‘Lean On Me’ from the ‘A-TEEN 2’ OST

1415 releases ‘Happy’ from the ‘Her Private Life’ OST

N.Flying releases ‘Leave it’

Linzy releases ‘Season in the Sun (Love Each Other)’

WISUE releases ‘For The First Time’

SS2S Lee releases ‘Inert’

Room releases ‘Alone, After All’ featuring BEKK of BLOCS


Seyong of MYNAME releases ‘Connection’ from their debut Japanese mini album

NC.A release ‘Awesome Breeze’ from ‘Some-‘

Lim Jimin debuts with ‘Loveholic’

Cherry B releases ‘Lovin’ U’

MONNI releases ‘Alive’


Hyuk of VIXX releases ‘If Only’ featuring The Ade’s An Daeun

Ha Yea Song releases ‘Your Regards’

Yoon Jong Shin releases ‘Don’t Think’

OTOT releases ‘Start Me Up’


EPTEND releases ‘Letter To You’


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