Four weeks ago we helped promote MASC’s Run To Europe tour – a tour organised by Beyond Entertainment. In the article, we vouched for the company’s method of ticket sales, given that there had been some speculation as to how legitimate they were before the Seven O’Clock tour.

We regret endorsing any aspect of Beyond Entertainment, and from today we will no longer be promoting any of their events without making clear we cannot trust events are legitimate.

MASC was due to play in London tonight, a show that has been advertised as at The Garage since it’s announcement. Over the past twenty-four hours, without explanation, BeyondEnt changed the venue from The Garage to The Egg, and then to Trapeze Bar on their Facebook event page.

We looked into this confusion as fans moved between venues this morning, ending up at Trapeze.

It must be noted, first and foremost, that the team at Trapeze have been amazing and wanted to do everything they could to assist fans – but this is a situation they should never have been in.

When BeyondEnt changed the venue to Trapeze Bar they had not yet been in contact with the bar – in fact, Trapeze doesn’t have a stage, has no means to separate a pop group from the crowd, is not set up for live music performance and cannot hold a large capacity crowd. Despite this – they did everything they could to organise hosting the show, including; looking into adjusting their already planned events, reaching out to the organisers themselves, arranging a meeting with organisers to assess sound and capacity issues. Trapeze went above and beyond for MASC and fans – BeyondEnt however, did not contribute to discussions and failed to turn up when agreed.

Trapeze had no other option but to state they would not be hosting the show.

During our communication with a number of sources throughout the day, it has come to our attention that although BeyondEnt entered conversations with The Garage, they had never confirmed this booking. There was never a confirmed London venue when the group set out on tour – and the venue did not cancel, as has been communicated to fans!

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Since Trapeze has announced they cannot host, fans have been told that it is due to the venue’s anger at fans queuing outside. Fans have expressed to us that Trapeze staff have been nothing but helpful and nice, and our own communication with the team throughout the day leaves us assured that although they were surprised to have Kpop fans queued outside their venue, they are understanding of the situation and only wanted to find a solution.

In some ways, it feels BeyondEnt are blaming fans for this situation – essentially saying ‘if you hadn’t queued early, MASC would have been able to play at Trapeze’ but this isn’t the case – and it’s, frankly, disgusting that a tour promoter would blame those purchasing from them.

It looks unlikely the show can or will take place (though they are aiming to find a venue for a fanmeet instead) and it is our advice that fans look to gain a refund from BeyondEnt. Anyone paying by credit card or PayPal may be able to gain assistance in a refund.

BeyondEnt is currently maintaining radio silence.

Fans, artists and even venues deserve more. Artists deserve to know their tour venues are fully booked and ready waiting for them. Venues do not deserve to be blamed for the mistakes of organisers. Fans deserve to know they will arrive at the booked venue and a concert will be taking place – and if for unforeseen circumstances a show then has to be cancelled, they can get quick and easy refunds.

To MASC fans, we apologise to those who may have purchased tickets due to our promotion and are left disappointed. To Trapeze, we thank you for trying so hard to resolve the situation. To BeyondEnt, we say – CHANGE, or your UK audiences may finally lose all faith in you!


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