When it comes to going to concerts it can be quite daunting to find what you must prepare or figuring out what you’re going to do before going to a concert. I have written this guide to give you an idea on some things you might need consider before the concert day:

  1. Make sure you are ready 30 minutes before the tickets officially go on sale because usually there is a pre-queue which means there is a chance you could be further in the queue. When it comes to the queue it’s better to have multiple devices so that you can have more spots in the queue. Make sure you have your information set up before you go. There’s a timer running which means having the information saved makes it quicker.
  2. Make sure to choose a place near the location so you can travel quicker to the venue. Depending on what tickets you’ve gotten will depend on the time you may need to get to the venue.
  3. Most venues won’t allow camping so, make sure not to camp near the venue.
  4. Most bags need to be a certain size. A way to avoid this problem is to make sure you don’t bring to many supplies to the concert and have a big enough bag. You’ll probably be waiting in line for a long time which means you will need to have some food and drink.
  5. If you have VIP, you’ll need to hold your space in line for if you need to get supplies. There is one way to solve this problem which is by making sure you have someone you trust to hold your place in line. Make sure you make lots of friends because the friends that you make at the concert are the ones that are going to make your time at the concert a fun one.
  6. In the concert, it’s a good idea to not always film the concert. However, so you have memory of the event only film some parts.
  7. For hi-touch make sure to take notes after the concert. Before you arrive to hi-touch make sure you have everything you want to say to each member and keep in mind the time constraints you have.

Those are my tip and tricks for Kpop concerts. I hope this helps you prepare for concert season and the biggest tip I can give to fans planning on going to a Kpop concert is to make sure you have fun so you can get the most enjoyment out of the concert.

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