ITV has announced that it will be remaking the popular programme in 2020. However, it will be renamed as The Masked Singer.
King of Mask Singer allows Korean celebrities to mask their identities by wearing ridiculous costumes and competing through song. If they win enough rounds, they can become the ‘Mask King’, and keep their identity hidden. If the singer is eliminated, the singer must reveal his or her identity.
According to the BBC, the show’s remake will pit 12 celebrities against each other over eight consecutive nights. The public, as well as the show’s judges, will try to guess their secret identities.
The show is known to show a different side of Korean celebrities’ voices. Kpop artists such as BTS’ Jungkook, MONSTA X’s Kihyun and Shownu, STRAY KIDS’ Han, and others have competed in the past.
However, not only Korean celebrities have made an appearance on the show. US actor Ryan Reynolds shocked everyone with his appearance last year.
The move to a UK remake comes as the show moved to the US earlier this year, with 9.2 million people tuning in to the first episode. Stars including Gladys Knight, actress Tori Spelling, and N’Sync star Joey Fatone made their appearance, with rapper T-pain winning the show.
ITV said that they will follow the original and have the speaking voices of the UK contestants disguised. They added that their costumes would take inspiration from “manga, superheroes, wild animals, and mythical creatures”.
Are you excited for a UK remake?

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