It has been a good week for group comebacks, with Red Velvet, Stray Kids, SF9 and N.Tic all releasing music. There’s also been a wave of group members releasing solo music, with contributions from Super Junior’s Yesung, BAP’s Zelo, VIXX’s Leo and Boyfriend’s Jeongmin.

LEO of VIXX stuns with Romanticism solo

SF9 releases RPM

Yesung releases Pink Magic

Red Velvet releases Zimzalabim

Stray Kids releases Side Effects ahead of their tour

N.Tic, who is set to tour Europe, released Fiction

ZELO steps out on his own with Questions

Monsta X has released an MV for their collaboration with French Montana

Check out the full list of releases below:

16/06/19 Cleaun (former VAV) Take you There ft Miles B
KittiB Anymore 1718 [SALEM]
Rich You Are My Sunshine Home For Summer OST
Lee Hyun Someday Joseon Survival Period OST
Tae Jin A Like You Honey
WAX As Cold As Winter
Narae Lee Spiderman
Lee Hanchul X Now Hi My Day with Lulala Choir 2
Glam Gould You and I 
Nau Ryu Iceland
Verbal Jint The Chase Revisited
Hanscur Castle
17/06/19 Blue Zone Boys Question 靑空
John Park X Lim Chae Eon Hold Me PUZZLE project
LEO (VIXX) Romanticism MUSE
Oisobagi Remember ft The Belle Naver Webtoon Tomorrow OST
JBJ95 자꾸 웃음이나 Perfume OST
Lim Han Byul 미치게 The Secret Life of My Secretary OST
Ha Sungwoon Immunity The Wind Blows OST
Yoon Jong Shin Don’t Think
Yu Seung Woo ft Minseo You
Baek Ji Woong How I Feel
Summer Soul X Charming Lips Billionaire
Marychou ft Lee Joo Hyun Barista Romance
10 to 4 Writing
POY Muzeum 96 TO 99
Ban Blank Don’t reach, Young Blood
18/06/19 Yesung (Super Junior) Pink Magic Pink Magic
Bubble X x Hyejin (HINT) Daily
Minseo ha-why Anniversary Anyway OST
Jin Young 그댄 내꺼라고 말하는 거예요 Perfume OST
Mark Choi Holic
Car, the Garden Memorize Our Night
Jang Hyejin, Yun Min Soo (Vibe) Drunk on Love
onthedal Moondeuk
seoninjang Insomnia
JIJI Feelings
amin ft Peakboy Twinkle
Sobae Good Luck
Alisha Don’t Let Me Down
Home Boy fill me with love instead of hatred
A.TRAIN Pray on my Insecurity
Molly.D and PDAY FR:EDEN
1KYNE (former Electroboyz) Bless You
divin’ Only You Know
Vovo Weng 25
19/06/19 CHAI Give and Take ft pH-1
Jeongmin (Boyfriend) Twenty One, Me and You Small But Certain Happiness (Nearby)
Red Velvet Zimzalabim The ReVe Festival Day 1
Stray Kids Side Effects Cle 2: Yellow Wood
O.When Stay Angel’s Last Mission: Love OST
Rachael Yamagata We Could Still Be Happy One Spring Night OST
Basement Claxxic STAY
Siggie Feb Ballad from the Hood
KIMMUSEUM In between morning and afternoon
D.Sanguh X
20/06/19 JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) Dear Rude ft Cheetah Newself
N.Tic Fiction
We Are The Night 궁금해 A-TEEN2 OST
Biya tuk tuk tuk My Absolute Boyfriend OST
Kang Beom June Reaching Hand Search: www OST
Jungyoon and Hyunseo 아빠
MEat All of my Time
Jack the Lads Smoking on the beach
ONiLL O Captain My Captain
LILL ft Mandy Patagonia
Hashass Ballin’
Rheehab If I don’t have you
Sleek Jeezy Sleek Your Way 2
eggu, Xeeyon, Kinnshaa wish Harness
Brick Drive
21/06/19 Zelo (BAP) Questions Distance
BTS All Night ft Juice WRLD BTS World OST
Kim Jaehwan Black Sky Chief of Staff: People who Make the World OST
An Ye Seul Waiting For Me Home for Summer OST
Ha Eun 닿을 수 있다면 The Nokdu Flower OST
AVALON Reconstruction
LENI Paint
Moldy, Sylarbomb ft Syndasizung Dust
Leellamarz MARZ 2 AMBITION
Dress Talk
22/06/19 Paloalto It Ain’t Love Love, Money & Dreams Part 2
Monsta X ft French Montana WHO DO U LOVE? MV release
saevom ft SILVERBELL Don’t Leave Me
slchld Happy Campers



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