It’s been seven years since the debut of EXO under SM Entertainment, and over that time, only two members have had solo debuts whilst still actively promoting with the group. For Lay, the only remaining Chinese member of the group, this came in late 2016 with Lose Control. Main vocal Chen then made his own debut earlier this year, soaring to the top of the real-time charts with Beautiful Goodbye. It’s safe to say that the member to follow in their footsteps has a lot to live up to.

Enter Baekhyun, another excellent main vocalist, making his debut this week. City Lights will be his first mini album, yet the lead single will be far from his first solo release. A veteran of drama OST’s and plenty of collaborations, Byun Baekhyun has been leading the way with his voice since EXO’s first appearance. It’d be easy to say that this release will be no different, yet there is a certain satisfaction in finally getting a solo debut from the vocalist. Praised for his power, clear voice, whilst also originally being seen as a “beagle” of the group for his loud personality, he stands in a perfect position to carry a solo.

However, there have been moments where his obvious confidence has faltered. Scandals in the past involving dating and fears of losing his voice have presented hurdles that he has had to overcome. Yet overcome them he has. In 2014, Baekhyun began his acting career in earnest with a key role in the star-studded Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. This also gave him a chance to sing another OST as a member of EXO’s subunit CBX.

The announcement of his first EP City Lights came on 20th June, with the release due to follow a month later. Earlier this week, the first of the teasers were revealed, showcasing both day and night versions of the album. On the day of the release, fans have a showcase to look forward to at the Seoul Arts Centre. Having always had a strong bond with fans, whom Baekhyun affectionately terms Aeris after the name EXO-L’s, it’s almost certain that his release will do very well. And with the amount of talent he possesses, you can be certain it will be done with style!

Before that, take a look back over some of Baekhyun’s past solo releases and collaborations. Let us know what you’re most excited about for this debut!




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